Today in the city Craig 20.04.2018
Cross TrackR Will Find Your Pen Using A Simple App

Using Bluetooth and Crowd Locate technology you can stay in touch with your pen's location at all times, while having the pleasure of using the Cross TrackR ballpoint pen.

Swastika removed from church bell in Germany

Germany's Lutheran church says that a swastika has been removed from a church bell in a northwestern town.

Spanish Circus Truck Tips Over, Kills 1 Elephant, Injures 4

Authorities in southern Spain say an elephant has died and four others are recovering from injuries after a circus truck tipped over on a major highway, provoking an outcry among animal rights defende...

An elephant has died after a circus truck overturned on a motorway in Spain

A circus truck carrying five elephants overturned in southeastern Spain. One elephant died and two others were injured. Authorities rescued the surviving elephants with a crane. WARNING: Some images s...

Fatal Crash, Stock Slide Keep Tesla's Name In The Headlines

The stock of electric automaker Tesla has been falling following a fatal crash involving one of its vehicles operating on "autopilot." Adding to its troubles, CEO Elon Musk tweeted an April Fools' jok...

Mom deployed Taser on son to wake him up for church, court docs say

An Phoenix mother was accused of giving her son a jolt with a Taser to wake him up for Easter church services on Sunday, according to reports.

It's Time To Stop Blaming The Parkland Kids For Nikolas Cruz's Actions

Before he murdered 17 students and faculty in Parkland on February 14, Nikolas Cruz already had a history of violence. He sent multiple threats to his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, like, "Im going t...

EU plans to crack down on ‘fake news’ in social media

The EU is preparing to crack down on social media companies who have been accused of spreading "fake news," the Financial Times reports.

An Enormous Crack Just Opened Up In Africa, Evidence Africa Is Literally Splitting In Two

A massive crack suddenly appeared in Kenya, prompting new discussion on the breakup of Africa into two land masses. The crack continues to grow in size as heavy rainfall in Kenya's Narok County exacer...

U.S. safety agency criticizes Tesla crash data release

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said on Sunday it was "unhappy" that electric car maker Tesla Inc made public information about the crash of its Model X vehicle on Autopilot that killed...

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